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The ACCRA Declaration On Reparations & Racial Healing

August 2022

On August 1 - August 4, 2022, Black activists, artists and scholars from Africa, the Caribbean, North America, Europe, Central and South America convened to discuss a global agenda for reparations and healing. Recognizing the importance of reparations and healing as a global imperative, we are charging the Global African Reparations
Movement to build upon the legacies established by social movements that produced outcomes such as the 1993 Abuja Proclamation and the 2001 Durban Declaration and Program of Action.

To View or Download the report CLICK HERE

California Reparations
Interim Report

June 2022

This interim report is a general survey of these harms, as part of the broader efforts of California’s Task Force
to Study and Develop Reparations Proposals for African Americans (Reparations Task Force). The Reparations
Task Force was established under Assembly Bill 3121 (S. Weber) in 2020 and a report of the Task Force is due to
the Legislature by June 1, 2022. A final report will be issued before July 1, 2023. The law charges the Reparations
Task Force with studying the institution of slavery and its lingering negative effects on society and living African
Americans. The law requires the Reparations Task Force to recommend appropriate remedies of compensation,
rehabilitation, and restitution for African Americans with a special consideration for descendants of persons
enslaved in the United States. This executive summary synthesizes many of the preliminary findings and recommendations of the Reparations Task Force.

To View or Download the report CLICK HERE

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Slavery Day Remembrance
Still Not Enough

Last year Congress gave us an $825 million holiday rather than a $20 million Commission; this year Congress is willing to give us a day of remembrance.  HR 40 has as many cosponsor supporters as this Resolution. 


Two months ago, you were asked to call the White House to ask for an HR 40 Executive Order and while many of you are still making those calls, we want to reaffirm that you are calling 202-456-1111.  


No one is saying not to have these days of observance, but that is NOT what we must have in order to repair our communities from 400 years of pernicious history and the current day vestiges.  


You MUST keep up the pressure on the White House and you MUST engage all of your networks, circles and friends to lean in and make calls as well. Until the White House gives us an Executive Order for HR 40, we MUST blow up their phone lines. 


Read this statement from Senator Warren:

Slavery Fueled Our
Climate Crisis

Who knew climate change is impacted by the government’s refusal to address Reparations for African descendants?

We did!

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