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The Greenwood Plan: Reparations for the Greenwood Holocaust

By: Damario Solomon Simmons

It is commonly known the history of African Americans is one of tremendous pain and unbelievable resilience; Afrikan-Americans toiled 310 years under chattel slavery, 1555-1865, the deadliest and inhumane period in the greatly impeded the development of the Afrikan-American community.

In addition, the subsequent 138 years since escaping the chains of slavery, the almost equally oppressive shackles of Black Codes, Sharecropping, Peonage Farming, Jim Crowism, Lynching, Poll taxes, Grandfather Clauses, Police Brutality, Red Lining and other oppressive schemes Common Era.

Today the Black community still suffers from numerous ills, evidenced by the tragedy of more Black men in prison than in college , the continued proliferation of police brutality and racial profiling , fierce attacks on moderately successful affirmative actions programs, character assassinations of outspoken African- American leaders , and the numerous governmental social-economic statistics chronicling the hardship of Black America.

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